Due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak, we are not meeting in church for Sunday Worship service until further notice. Instead we are meeting in Zoom: kindly see the details below. Stay blessed­čÖĆ


Please read below for more information on how to give to Munich IBC. Email pastor@munichibc.de with any questions. Donations to Munich IBC are tax-deductible for German and U.S. tax payers. Contribution reports are provided annually by request to Finance team.

ÔםDirect deposit giving

IBAN: DE03700100800331401802

ÔםGive online through IBC Ministries

You can give USD through the IBC Ministries (our parent organization).

First, click the "MAKE A DONATION" button below. Once at the IBC Ministries website, in the "Donation Designation" dropdown, choose 'International Baptist Church of Munich, Germany', then fill out your information.

IBC Ministries will then transfer the money to Munich IBC.

Make a donation