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International Baptist Church of Munich, Germany

A Description of Our Congregation and Community

The International Baptist Church of Munich (IBCM) is located in Munich, Germany in the historic and beautiful region of Bavaria. Munich is a world-class city with more than 2.6 million people living in the greater metro area and is home to approximately 70,000 people whose primary language is English. Many more are fluent in English and would potentially attend an English-speaking church.

One quarter of Munich’s total population are expatriates from over 180 nations. Many are students attending the numerous and excellent universities including the highly ranked Technische Universität München and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. According to QS Top Universities, “Munich is now the joint (With Berlin) most popular city with students.”

Currently our congregation consists of approximately 65 people, most of whom are under 35 years of age. They have come to Munich from Congo, Northern Ireland, the Philippines, Germany, the United States, Ghana, Nigeria, Peru, South Africa, Kenya, India, Iran Ukraine and several more nations.

We are renting a beautiful and well-equipped building from the Seventh Day Adventist Church which is situated strategically in the heart of the city, walking distance from the Marienplatz, site of the famous glockenspiel.

IBCM is a member of the International Baptist Convention, a fellowship of international English-language churches in Europe, the middle-east, Africa and Central and South America.

We’re also affiliated with the European Baptist Federation and the Baptist World Alliance. Our church strives to be thoroughly biblical and adheres to traditional Baptist principles and doctrine.

We have various strategic ministries including weekly Life Groups and regular outreach initiatives. Each ministry supports and is aligned with our vision:

That people are changed by God's love, taught to follow Jesus and equipped to transform our community for Christ.

That people are changed by God's love, taught to follow Jesus and equipped to transform our community for Christ.

We desire to grow to beyond 300 members and eventually be able to fully support our pastor financially.

We currently have one volunteer associate pastor, a dedicated Administration Team and a number of faithful individuals serving in a variety of ministries: Women’s, children’s, small groups, outreach, etc.

In the past four years the church as had two fine pastors. One returned to the U.S.A. to minister as a hospital chaplain, the other responded to a call to work among Syrian refugees in Greece.


Our Expectations of the Pastor (Brief)

IBCM is looking and praying for a pastor . . .

. . . with a shepherd’s heart who will teach God’s inspired Word faithfully and expositionally in the power of the Spirit with a view to honoring Christ, edifying His people and equipping them for service.

. . . who will lead as a servant.

. . . who will make the study of God’s Word a priority but who will also be accessible to the people of the congregation.

. . . who will work with, encourage and build into the lives of ministry team leaders.

. . . with a passion to see people of all nations repenting and coming to faith in Christ.

. . . who will come with the goal to remain and serve with IBCM for a minimum of five years.

. . . who will cast a biblical vision, develop a strategy to achieve the vision and equip believers to use their gifts and abilities to fulfil their particular role in achieving the vision.

. . . who is willing and able to offer biblical counsel to those who seek direction, help and encouragement.


What the Pastor May Expect from the Church

IBCM will provide the pastor with an attractive, well-furnished apartment in a safe and beautiful neighborhood, surrounded by forests with trails for biking and hiking. The apartment is 5 minutes away from Trudering, a small village with grocery stores, shopping of all kinds and a well-equipped gym. It is about 20 minutes from the church building by car and 30-35 on public transit. With utilities, phone and inter-net service, the value of this provision comes to approximately €17.450 or $19, 260 per year.

The church will also provide a vehicle for the pastor’s (and family’s) exclusive use. This would equal about €2.800 or $3,100 per year.

A Public Transportation ticket valued at about €1.430 or $1,560 per year will also be provided.


Our Expectations of the Pastor (Detailed)

IBCM’s Senior Pastor’s purpose is to provide teaching, vision and pastoral leadership to enable the church . . .

. . . to fulfill its MISSION:

Show God's love, tell others about Jesus and teach them to love and follow Him

. . . and to realize its VISION:

At IBC Munich, people are changed by God's love to follow Jesus and are equipped to transform our community for Christ.

The Senior Pastor is accountable to the congregation as led by the IBCM Administration Team.

He will be an ex-officio, voting member of the Admin. Team


The Senior Pastor should plan, lead, and preach in the weekly worship services of the church.

a. Study, prepare and preach expository biblical messages in weekly worship services.

b. Plan the content, order of service, and other details of the worship service.

c. Confer regularly with the worship leaders in overseeing the flow and structure of worship services.

d. Plan and lead Communion (Lord’s Supper) services.

e. Plan and lead baptismal services as needed.

f. Arrange the preaching calendar and pulpit supply when absent and for the incorporation of other speakers as appropriate.

g. Monitor the effectiveness and appropriateness of physical arrangements of the service, and confer with appropriate parties to find solutions when problems occur.


The Senior Pastor should provide leadership (in partnership with the Administration Team and staff to cast vision and ensure doctrinal fidelity, strategic coherence and ministry effectiveness in all of IBCM’s endeavors.

a. Participate with the Admin. Team in providing leadership to the church as a whole.

b. Provide leadership in the process of long-term planning in an effort to ensure continued church growth and to effectively meet the challenges that transient growth brings and understand and address the continuing and possibly changing congregational needs.

c. Model a passion for lost people and missions-minded perspective.


The Senior Pastor should give (or provide for) pastoral care to members of the church family as needed (including but not limited to the following):

a. Small group fellowship/study.

b. Discipleship ministry.

c. Spiritual counseling for those seeking salvation or needing spiritual guidance in other areas.

d. Counseling for personal problems, marital problems or family problems.

e. Providing appropriate referrals when necessary.

f. Hospital visitation.


The Senior Pastor will officiate at weddings, funerals, memorial services, child dedications, etc. as needed including any appropriate preparatory counseling.


The Senior Pastor should represent IBCM within the larger Christian community in Munich.

a. Interact and build partnerships with other pastors in the city.

b. Stay informed of developments in the city, and the country, which may impact the church and its ministry.


The Senior Pastor will take initiative to maintain a strong relationship with the International Baptist Convention (IBC)

a. Connect with the General Secretary and Core Strategy Leaders

b. Plan to attend and encourage the IBCM congregation to attend IBC meetings, retreats, seminars, etc.


Senior Pastor Qualifications

• Personal conversion experience and trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

• A personal walk with Christ that is both vibrant and contagious

• Spiritual maturity manifested in godly character (Consistently displaying the fruit of the Spirit and leadership qualities described in I Timothy 3 and Titus 1)

• A personal Statement of Faith in agreement with IBCM’s Statement of Faith.

• M.Div. (or higher) degree in Theology from a recognized and fully accredited evangelical seminary (Holds or is pursuing the degree)

• Four to five years ministry pastoral ministry experience (Associate or Senior Pastor)

• A teachable spirit and a servant’s heart

• Excellent people skills

• Excellent organizational skills

• Excellent diplomatic skills

• Ability to lead, motivate and mobilize adults in a transient environment

• Sensitivity to cultural and denominational differences and the ability to communicate cross-culturally

• Multi-cultural and/or international experience preferable


Search and Selection Process

The Pastoral Search Team (PST) members have been given the following responsibilities:

1. Pray each day for each other and the task of seeking God’s will and guidance throughout the search process.

2. Conduct a search process that will result in recommending a candidate to the Congregation.

3. Emphasize Titus and 1 Timothy as minimum criteria and qualifications for the candidates.

4. Develop interview procedures and questions, and conduct interviews with prospective candidates.

5. Develop procedures for checking references and conducting background checks.

The PST will be seeking potential candidates through a variety of means, including the following:

1. Referrals from the leadership of other churches in the International Baptist Convention.

2. Referrals from experienced senior leadership recruiters.

3. Referrals from the congregation.

4. Web-based job placement services as appropriate to the role.

Of the resumes that are received, once an initial review and vetting process has been conducted, follow-up questionnaires and preliminary phone/Skype interviews will be conducted.

A series of checks will then be performed on promising candidates including but not limited to the following:

1. Background check

2. References

3. Degree verification

Final candidates will be interviewed, along with spouse, via Skype (or similar video-conferencing method).

Once the PST agrees upon a preferred candidate, he and his spouse will be invited to visit IBC Munich (at IBCM’s expense) to interview personally, to preach and have opportunity to meet with members of the congregation.

After the visit has concluded, the PST (with approval of the Administrative Team) will call for a special congregational meeting. At that meeting church members will vote whether or not to call the candidate to serve as Senior Pastor.


Applying For the Position

If interested and qualified for the position please submit the following documents to John Kodua 

We would like to receive all resumes by January 31, 2020.

-       1. Resume

-       2. Five (5) References (Non-family members names and contact information)

-       3. Written Personal Faith Statement to include the following:

a. What does it mean to you to know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior?

b. Briefly describe the events leading up to your decision to become a follower of Jesus.

c. Briefly describe the events leading up to you accepting the call as a Pastor.

d. Describe your current walk with God.

e. Share with us the titles of three Christian books that have been influential in your personal growth and/or pastoral ministry.

f. Share why you believe you are called to international ministry.

Please let us know how you learned about this position.

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